Apr 082013
Japanese Industrial Robotics: Here's How Robots Don't Kill an Economy

A plurality of the world’s industrial robots are located in Japan – robots replaced a human labor force and then the humans got different, better, safer jobs, and all the anti-robot naysaying economists from the 60s & 70s got season passes to the All-Crow Buffet in heaven.

Aug 282012
Robonaut 2: Alive and Suddenly Super Busy

NASA is finally letting Robonaut 2 do some stuff and sharing it with the public – there’s actually a steady feed of news, only mildly cheesy 1st-person commentary, and some decent R2 photos & video beaming down from the ISS.

Apr 232012
REMINDER: Probable Off-Planet Mining Announcement, & Japan has its Hand Raised.

Asteroid mining could be pretty cool. It’s actually feasible with today’s technology. Ask Japan about this. Seriously, you need to ask Japan about this. COME ON – ASK JAPAN!

Apr 132012
Revolutionary Robotics at the Warehouse in Waltham. Boston Dynamics Dominates.

We’ve all heard about DARPA’s grand robot challenge, but seems like Boston Dynamics already has this one in the bag. I mean come on, these guys have developed what are effectively artificial autonomic responses in machines – recognize, yo!

Apr 092012
TRANSHUMANISM TEST PILOTS:  Pre-Exoskeleton Mobility is Still Very Awesome

The goddamn wheelchair has gone essentially unimproved upon for more than 100 years. But now, AMS Mekatronik, surprisingly not a Kraftwerk tribute band, has dropped the Tek RMD. Wheelchairs are running scared. I mean rolling scared.

Feb 242012
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

Today’s Dispatch: Space Elevators, Ridiculously Fast Wireless Data, Two More Blood Types for the Japanese to Ponder, and an Animation of the Tohoku Disaster’s Pacific Debris Path.