Mar 192016


There are million different angles to discuss here, but by far the most interesting idea is a gradual, mutual, acquisitional merger – the pending-yet-not-far-off arrival of homeostasis between biological and mechanical life.

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Jan 152016


December 2015’s 21st iREX International Robot Exhibition was a gigantic success. Record number of presenters. Record space required. Record attendance. We got photos.

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Dec 022015

iREX 2015 PRIMER.Anthrobotic.plate

2015 marks the 21st installment of Japan’s biennial iREX robotics tradeshow, which is the world’s largest – and since it’s larger than ever, it’s basically the largest robotics event in history, yo.

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Nov 022015


Though machines of exceedingly basic utility, they are nonetheless the unassuming vanguard of human/robot social relationships.

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Oct 272015


Here’s Tom with the Weather.

…so, what with quantum mechanics, pixelation of the universe, and some supremely annoying probability, seems reality might be a computer simulation, and God might be an intensely needy supermind playing the latest release of Semi-Conscious Hairless Primates.

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