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iREX by iPHONE.Anthrobotic.plate

In December of 2015, hundreds of the world’s most advanced robots crowded the massive Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center for the biennial iREX International Robot Exhibition. You might be surprised how well an iPhone 6s Plus does with that.

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It’s been said here before…
The iPhone isn’t the only mobile telecommunicator capable of awesome things, but it does function exceedingly well in an efficient, highly streamlined (if walled-off) ecosystem that simply gets the most cool shit done for the greatest number of consumers. Even the hatiest haters have to appreciate that the whole enchilada is one helluva technological achievement.

From Whence it Comes:

Our little friends at Tokyo-based multimedia production and distribution upstart DigitalHub.JP made this. Anthrobotic’s Admiral, Head Janitor, and Chief of Technosnark©®™ may or may not be a founder of that company, which is how we’re hip to the facts that it was shot in 1080p 60FPS, hand-steadied with an assist from the phone’s built-in digital/optical image stabilization, and in post-production was glazed with a few fun stats, tweaked frame rates, and carefully timed modern beats.

Watch This:

Some Stuff About iREX:

Open from December 2-5, iREX was as usual organized and operated by the Japan Robot Association (JARA) and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. By shear size, number of firms presenting, and public attendance, 2015’s show re-confirmed the biennial exhibition as planet earth’s premier robotics event. It was an unprecedented success, and it’s hard to overstate how goddamn awesome it was, and not just for hardcore robotics dorks – anyone with the tiniest spark of interest in human technology would find themselves deliciously overwhelmed.

For those who’d also enjoy some static images from last year’s event, have a look at our gallery by clicking on these words: iREX 2015 International Robot Exhibition (GALLERY)

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