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    Mar 012015

    This week it’s the JTFFS talking about makeup and beauty products and the one thing Whitey’s got plenty of which is not a balanced diet or regular exercise or a positive residual self image, but skin tone! And then it gets sleepy weird…

    Feb 212015

    This week we find out that Apple is likely to invest in Japan Display, the bastard child of Sony’s, Toshiba’s, and Hitachi’s floppy failed display businesses that, post-amputation, did a Wonder Triplets: ACTIVATE! move into profitability, and, entirely kinda unrelated, the de-displayed Hitachi has unveiled the world’s most powerful microscope and Sony’s commissioned it to look for their fiscal 2014 profit margin!

    Feb 132015

    This week we just kinda make fun of the Hollywood Reporter for not mentioning Transformers when they totally should and Epson is getting into the fashion printing business because they finally realized that nobody prints on paper anymore.

    Feb 072015

    This week Hitachi is finally ready to send its snake/crawler hybrid robot into the heart of Fukushima Daiichi’s severely melted-down reactor #1, and a Japanese booze maker that owns an American booze maker wants to get cozier and it’s kind of funny.

    Jan 302015
    JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY FROM THE FUTURE FRIDAY: Don't Call it a Comeback, We Been Here for Years!

    This week it appears that Kyocera is (allegedly) thriving in the UK printer market (paper, not 3D), and Toyota has decided that racin’ and jumpin’ and stuff is good for business after all. COME ONE AND ALL AND READ THE GODDAMN JTFF!

    Aug 172013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via the All-New AkihabaraNews]

    This week it’s Sony’s playing Smartphone Release Roulette in what’s maybe an attempt to steal/ride new iPhone buzz but probably not, and the UK, intriguingly, is shoring up defense equipment & intelligence agreements with Japan & Korea (shhh, don’t tell China).

    Aug 062013
    Why So Quiet, Mr. Technosnark©®™?’s Primary Caregiver is a contributor at – a lovely site that, prior to 10 days ago, was super modern and cutting edge… in 2007. Work is complete, and AkihabaraNews is now super-powered, madd sexy, and goin’ all tech in three languages!

    Jun 292013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via Akihabara News]

    This week it’s Sony selling stuff to Iran, stuff that America doesn’t like, which is yet another “Sony, what are you doing?” moment, a huge internet cable has been completed in Asia, and Japan’s gung-ho nuclear (energy) tech proliferation is causing political unrest.

    Jun 222013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via Akihabara News]

    THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: JAXA & the ESA taking NASA stuff into space, Japan likes Apple’s patents better than Samsung’s, Toyota and Tesla made an electric baby RAV4, and the guy who invented DRAM got a Japanese medal and $500 Gs!

    Jun 082013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via Akihabara News]

    THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: Japan continues international outreach with nuclear-friendly French (outreach began with Turkey and the UAE), and sad news for hippies: a UN science committee has found no increased risk of cancer due to the Fukushima accident.