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  • Aug 172013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via the All-New AkihabaraNews]

    This week it’s Sony’s playing Smartphone Release Roulette in what’s maybe an attempt to steal/ride new iPhone buzz but probably not, and the UK, intriguingly, is shoring up defense equipment & intelligence agreements with Japan & Korea (shhh, don’t tell China).

    Aug 062013
    Why So Quiet, Mr. Technosnark©®™?’s Primary Caregiver is a contributor at – a lovely site that, prior to 10 days ago, was super modern and cutting edge… in 2007. Work is complete, and AkihabaraNews is now super-powered, madd sexy, and goin’ all tech in three languages!

    Jun 292013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via Akihabara News]

    This week it’s Sony selling stuff to Iran, stuff that America doesn’t like, which is yet another “Sony, what are you doing?” moment, a huge internet cable has been completed in Asia, and Japan’s gung-ho nuclear (energy) tech proliferation is causing political unrest.

    Jun 222013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via Akihabara News]

    THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: JAXA & the ESA taking NASA stuff into space, Japan likes Apple’s patents better than Samsung’s, Toyota and Tesla made an electric baby RAV4, and the guy who invented DRAM got a Japanese medal and $500 Gs!

    Jun 082013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via Akihabara News]

    THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: Japan continues international outreach with nuclear-friendly French (outreach began with Turkey and the UAE), and sad news for hippies: a UN science committee has found no increased risk of cancer due to the Fukushima accident.