An American writing from southern Japan, founder Reno J. Tibke is a voice of irreverence and levity in technology news & commentary. Through a species of responsible yet oddly punctuated technosnark flavored with questionable journalistic decorum, he discusses the primacy of technology in human civilization and promotes reasonably optimistic technological utopianism. Occasionally with mild profanity - but like, you know, fittingly.

Apr 202017


There are only two possible reasons why Sony canceled their robotics programs in 2006: #1. Stupendously myopic incompetence; or #2. AIBO and/or QRIO became sentient and freaked everyone out. But hey, screw the past – SONY’S BACK!

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Nov 112016


Japan Robot Week 2016 went very well. The 3-day event drew 30,000 humans – nearly double the 2014 attendance. Therefrom, here is a handful of superbly mediocre photos of robots and robot stuff.

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Sep 302016


Japan Robot Week is the occasionally quirkier, certainly more intimate, biennial alternate to iREX, its gigantic big brother. The focus is on Japanese firms’ service, assistive, and social robotics offerings; to the point: it’s a big-ass building filled with badass robots.

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Jun 072016

iREX by iPHONE.Anthrobotic.plate

In December of 2015, hundreds of the world’s most advanced robots crowded the massive Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center for the biennial iREX International Robot Exhibition. You might be surprised how well an iPhone 6s Plus does with that.

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Mar 192016


There are million different angles to discuss here, but by far the most interesting idea is a gradual, mutual, acquisitional merger – the pending-yet-not-far-off arrival of homeostasis between biological and mechanical life.

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Jan 152016


December 2015’s 21st iREX International Robot Exhibition was a gigantic success. Record number of presenters. Record space required. Record attendance. We got photos.

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