Jan 122016


Once again back is the Tech Animal!
The Inflammable!
The Uncannable!

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This URL shit the bed for about 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Reasons are unclear. Might have been some sneaky Russians. Might have been a shoddy plugin. Difficult to know for certain.

As the Great Chuck D Once Said:

Change yo’ password from time to time, and keep yo’ WordPress updated, son.

Or your Drupal, whatev, etc. Well, actually if you’re dealing with Drupal, you’re already a technological hate crime victim…so just like, you know, seek asylum with Squarespace or Tumblr or somesuch.

Anywho, all thanks be to Brad, peace and burritos be upon him. Henceforthcoming, the dorktastic smartassery shall flow once again.

It Feels a Little Something Like This:

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