Nov 112016
Japan Robot Week 2016 (GALLERY)

Japan Robot Week 2016 went very well. The 3-day event drew 30,000 humans – nearly double the 2014 attendance. Therefrom, here is a handful of superbly mediocre photos of robots and robot stuff.

Dec 022015
iREX 2015: Greatest Robotics Show in the Known Universe Underway in Tokyo

2015 marks the 21st installment of Japan’s biennial iREX robotics tradeshow, which is the world’s largest – and since it’s larger than ever, it’s basically the largest robotics event in history, yo.

May 112013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday (Akihabara News Syndication)

THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: Struggling yet Endlessly Gung-Ho Japanese Tech Giants – Part I: Sharp; Part II: Panasonic. These guys are losing $US billions, but they’ve got plans and are all kindsa upbeat!! Just like Sony’s been for like 10 years now…

Apr 182013
Japanese Robots aren't Creepy, Everyone Else is Just a Little... Behind?

While it’s 500% justified to make fun of a stimuli-responsive robotic ass or other novel projects from Japan, far too often we neglect to circle back around and present the actual merits and practical applications of the so-called “Creepy Japanese Robots.” Not this time!