Apr 092012

Here at Anthrobotic.com, I like to keep an eye on both extant and in-development technologies for disabled humans – also known, to me anyway, as the TRANSHUMANISM TEST PILOTS. (This post also filed with the TERMINAL ANACHRONISM series, because wheelchairs need to get the hell out of civilization, JSYK.)

Here’s the Thing:
Much of the technology used to improve the lives of the disabled kinda overlaps or pushes subtly into human 2.0/transhumanist/rebuild-the-animal territory. Otherwise stated, the somewhat primitive yet practically necessary prosthetics and human augmentation implements of today could easily evolve into the voluntary upgrades of tomorrow.
Okay, so…

As my 6 regular readers know, I’ve made it quite clear that wheelchairs suck and are totally not invited to the future. Admittedly, they’ve helped millions of disabled people. But we can do so, SO much better – I mean come on – the goddamn wheelchair has gone essentially unimproved upon for more than 100 years!

AMS Mekatronik’s Tek RMD Represents
Humans want to stand. Our physiology and psychology demand this from our body. And this company has an answer. I could blah blah blah about this for several more paragraphs, but your best bet is to watch the video below. This technology can’t help all people confined to wheelchairs, but it’s an amazing step. And dont worry – thought-controlled exoskeletons aren’t far off.

Wanna know what else is being pioneered through helping the disabled?
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