Jan 152016


December 2015’s 21st iREX International Robot Exhibition was a gigantic success. Record number of presenters. Record space required. Record attendance. We got photos.

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Open from December 2-5, iREX was as usual organized and operated by the Japan Robot Association (JARA) and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. By shear size, number of firms presenting, and public attendance, 2015’s show re-confirmed the biennial exhibition as planet earth’s premier robotics event. It was an unprecedented success, and it’s hard to overstate how goddamn awesome it was, and not just for hardcore robotics dorks – anyone with the tiniest spark of interest in human technology would find themselves overwhelmed.

Tokyo’s Big Sight Convention Center hosted what was undeniably the largest robotics event in the world…like, ever.

Those fortunate enough to have been in Tokyo last month for the show were…well, madd fortunate. For others, below you’ll find a small set of photos that provide something of an overview. As video was our primary pursuit on that day, these were all taken as an aside with an iPhone 6s Plus – so not the best photographing, but they’ll do.

Okay first, this is the space we’re working with:


The East Hall is 26,000m² – for Yanks, that’s 5+ (U.S.) football fields filled with robots!

Badass Inline Robot Gallery

[Click images for  full-size, and feel free to share – but if you crop out the watermark or misattribute or provide no attribution at all, one of these robots will be sent to peel off your skin and wear it in front of you. For questions about a particular robot or machine, leave a comment and you’ll get some deets.]

iREX 2015.1

iREX 2015.7

iREX 2015.11

iREX 2015.15

iREX 2015.18

iREX 2015.17

iREX 2015.16

iREX 2015.14

iREX 2015.13

iREX 2015.12

iREX 2015.10

iREX 2015.9

iREX 2015.8

iREX 2015.5

iREX 2015.4

iREX 2015.3

iREX 2015.19

iREX 2015.25

iREX 2015.24

iREX 2015.23

iREX 2015.21

iREX 2015.22

iREX 2015.20

iREX 2015.26

iREX 2015.32

iREX 2015.31

iREX 2015.30

iREX 2015.29

iREX 2015.28

iREX 2015.27

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