Feb 212015

This week we find out that Apple is likely to invest in Japan Display, the bastard child of Sony’s, Toshiba’s, and Hitachi’s floppy failed display businesses that, post-amputation, did a Wonder Triplets: ACTIVATE! move into profitability, and, entirely kinda unrelated, the de-displayed Hitachi has unveiled the world’s most powerful microscope and Sony’s commissioned it to look for their fiscal 2014 profit margin!

Aug 172013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via the All-New AkihabaraNews]

This week it’s Sony’s playing Smartphone Release Roulette in what’s maybe an attempt to steal/ride new iPhone buzz but probably not, and the UK, intriguingly, is shoring up defense equipment & intelligence agreements with Japan & Korea (shhh, don’t tell China).

May 112013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday (Akihabara News Syndication)

THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: Struggling yet Endlessly Gung-Ho Japanese Tech Giants – Part I: Sharp; Part II: Panasonic. These guys are losing $US billions, but they’ve got plans and are all kindsa upbeat!! Just like Sony’s been for like 10 years now…

Apr 212013
Sony Was Awesome at Robots; Not So Much With Reality

In 2006, to refocus and save cash, Sony canceled two of the most advanced robotics projects in history. Then we got 46 new VAIO models and an updated PSP that 4 people bought and they lost billions anyway. BRING BACK QRIO & AIBO!

Jan 182013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

Today’s Dispatch: Heavy metals from Japan might be monkeywreching the Dreamliner, some heavy metals were found in Jamaica by some Japanese guys, heavy metals irking Japan’s anti-nuclear hippies, and once again, Sony gets hit with some technosnark.

Jan 112013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday (THE RETURN!)

Today’s Dispatch: JTTF Returns! We got Japanese dudes (allegedly) keeping hold of their dumbphones for nefariousness, and more economic stimulus for Japan which will totally work long as they don’t spend it in a Japanese way (the Sony metaphor returns).