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    Nov 152011
    Google: Bettering Humanity for Fun and Profit?

    Google’s broad-spectrum tech development efforts & investment probably excede that of any other private entity. That’s great, but what’s up here? Is cutting-edge technological innovation shifting away from governmental entities? Is that good or evil?

    Nov 102011
    ASIMO: Awesome Android or SuperTech Puppet?

    If ASIMO doesn’t keep improving, becoming more adaptive and autonomous, I see many late nights with a little white robot waking from a terrible nightmare screaming: “Help, Help! PETMAN is coming to get me!

    Oct 272011
    Singularity Summit 2011 Roundup Salad Surprise

    Whether you think The Singularity is near or far, agree or disagree, have weird religious fervor for or against it, or aren’t interested at all, you’d be foolish not to pay attention to who’s paying attention to the concept.

    Oct 052011
    Transhumanist Arts Make Me Want New Parts

    That kinda looks like the Death Star in an eyeball. Here’s a very nice gallery of transhumanist art (PART II). It’s cool. Go look at it. One day we’ll become it. Which is going to be awesome – because my knees are like totally shot. [VIA SINGULARITY HUB]