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    Jan 062012
    WarBot Update:  WarBots in the News, WarBots Here, There, Everywhere.

    The U.S. is going to seriously cut ground forces (Army & Marines, particularly). The monkey pony show of politics calls it budget cuts and such, but they neglect to point out that grunts are being obviated by bots, man.

    Dec 062011
    Leaping Across Mori’s Uncanny Valley: Androids Probably Won’t Creep Us Out

    We WANT to see human traits in other entities. Androids aren’t going to reach that point where they’re just human enough to be creepy, yet not quite human enough to accept – they’re going to leap past it.

    Nov 222011
    The Brain During Orgasm: fMRI Knows Exactly How Women Feel

    What are people thinking in the lead-up to an orgasm? Could be a fascinating, lucrative, or a potentially horrifying reveal on human nature. A PhD candidate at Rutgers climbed into an MRI machine an rubbed one out for science. Go science, go!

    Nov 172011
    Digital Privacy, Facial Recognition, and Streamlined Bar Hopping in the Windy City

    Anyone who moans and complains about Facebook privacy has got to be partially brain damaged. But faces are not something we can share selectively – well, unless we go all hijab on ourselves or something…

    Nov 152011
    Google: Bettering Humanity for Fun and Profit?

    Google’s broad-spectrum tech development efforts & investment probably excede that of any other private entity. That’s great, but what’s up here? Is cutting-edge technological innovation shifting away from governmental entities? Is that good or evil?