Feb 152013

We’re Going to Make Sweet Love to Robots Pretty Soon – REVISITED!

This right here is a re-post/re-share of the seminal Anthrobotic work:
Okay, Let’s Talk about Making Sex with Robots
It’s Valentine’s Day, so yeah. You get it.

To quote:
I’m not even sure how to make the first move here. Anyone covering sex and robots knows how hard it is; brevity is a challenge, and, if you’re not careful, you can definitely go too deep. The topic is relentlessly penetrated by innuendo and double entendre, and one can go on and on for hours – just pounding away. So, I’m going to keep it as short, sweet, and casual as possible. Also, I don’t want to chafe or make myself seem to be overcompensating for some kind of impotence, so I’ll keep this a friendly piece with some benefits on the side. I hope you’ll be satisfied. And I hope I can get off the pun train soon.

And then it goes all over the robot sex and the why and the implications.
“Teledildonics,” which yeah, is totally what it sounds like, is discussed.
The word “dildo” is used a bunch of times. It’s pretty awesome.

The New York Times, a beacon of truth, called this piece:
Fantastic, a disturbing tour de force of one technology dork’s passion.
A bold stab into the middle of the issue, milking it for all it’s got.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

• • •

Actually, the New York Times is full of shit, and recently tried to hose Tesla Motors.
And then Elon Musk tossed them a data-based beatdown.
Read all about it.

After you read about robot sex, of course.


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Okay, Let’s Talk about Making Sex with Robots
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