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    Oct 262012
    Today, a Young Man on Acid Realized that all Matter is Merely Energy Condensed to a...

    With quantum mechanics, pixelation of the universe, and some supremely annoying probability, seems reality might be a computer simulation, and God might be an intensely needy supermind playing the latest release of “Semi-Conscious Hairless Primates.”

    Sep 082012
    The Recurring Parable of the AWOL Android

    When we see the clean, cold, precise cognition of a difference machine suddenly go all batshit rogue PMS, an executive-level narcissism kicks into gear. So let’s consider the duality of valuing sentient life, yet being totally willing to murder its ass for the “right” reasons.

    Jul 252012
    WarBot Update: Attack of the Drones, Al-Jazeera's Ongoing WarBot Coverage

    Considerably deeper than Gee Whiz Techno-Fetishism or Alarmist Technological Conservatism, Al-Jazeera correspondants and producers are probably providing the most unbiased and uneditorialized WarBot coverage out there.

    Jul 062012
    Top 5 for the Fifth: American Technological Prowess (Do We Still Got the Juice?)

    In many ways, technological utopianism is the heart and soul of the United States; it has driven our hyper-speed development and rise to global prominence. But, is the US rising or declining? Technologically speaking, does America still have “it?”