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    May 232012
    Robot Treasure Discovered Online:  an Interview with the Creator of Cyberneticzoo.com

    Went looking for one robot, found research on hundreds. Anthrobotic interviews the creator of Cyberneticzoo.com, the best online robotics & cybernetics archive you’ve never heard of until just now you did. Read it!

    May 012012
    Okay, Let's Talk about Making Sex with Robots

    99% of us might be repulsed, but despite our contemporary judgement and derision, things will change; dolls are already being roboticized, and probably sooner than we’re ready for, they’ll begin crossing into believability.

    Feb 212012
    DARPA’s James Cameron Mashup: Unsurprising, but Existentially Bananas

    Predators and Packbots already function as primitive avatars for pilots and bomb squads, and DARPA’s new Avatar project aims to turn up the resolution. Delineating the consciousness container could get trickier…

    Feb 142012
    Technological Utopianism is Way Better than Technological Apocalypticism. Robots, Robots.

    Human employment is soon going to drastically & quickly change. For sure China’s in trouble, but on the whole is this good or bad? Here a young guy says we’re doomed, and an old guy says it’s all going to be cool. Weird, right?

    Feb 032012
    Where the Human Ends & the Machine Begins: Getting Unclearer…

    What we conceptualize as our discrete Physical Self isn’t nearly as cut and dried as we might think, and the non-corporeal Mental Self seems to have some blurry boundaries as well. We’re Cyborgs, man. Philosophical Cyborgs.

    Jan 102012
    The Disabled Wage War Against the Wheelchair and Begin Test-Piloting Transhumanism

    Disabled pioneers are living examples of how technology is blurring the lines between what is considered practical, necessary augmentation and what, someday soon, might be just a nice alternative to flesh – a voluntary upgrade.

    Jan 072012
    ROM for Right & Wrong: Teaching Humans Vs. Coding Machines

    It might be a good idea to encourage non-biological intelligences (NBIs) to be, as we are, only vaguely moral. A self-aware & morally pure machine might not be so kind to human nature. Just saying.