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    Nov 152012
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    Dr. Raymond Kurzweil, PhD, FBI, OMG, ASAP
    The incomparable futurist, inventor, entrepreneur, and popularizer of Singularity Theory and artificial intelligence studies has today published his latest work. If you’ve found yourself at Anthrobotic.com, it’s like almost guaranteed that you wanna read this.

    Clicking the book below will push you through to Amazon.
    And Anthrobotic will get a nice digital high-five.

    It’s going to be good.
    While we’ve not yet cracked open our copy (cracking open a Kindle voids the warranty), we recommend anything Kurzweil with less than zero hesitation. No, we don’t go the Full Kurzweil around here, but we do support and maintain a 51%-Plus Positive Technological Utopianist dialectic – which is like, you know, simpatico.

    So click through, support the site, and then let’s all pick this book apart for the next 6 months. And then maybe build a brain, too.




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    Costs the same. Amazon gets your business. Anthrobotic gets a digital high-five. Win³.


    Today, a Young Man on Acid Realized that all Matter is Merely Energy Condensed to
    On Leaving the Earth. Like, Forever. Bye-Bye.
    Where the Human Ends & the Machine Begins: Getting Unclearer…
    Technology Will Eradicate Barbarians & Drum Circles and Fix Everything
    A Human Soul: Gift from Spooky Father Figure Above, or Just a Complex Recursive Pattern?