Oct 262012
Today, a Young Man on Acid Realized that all Matter is Merely Energy Condensed to a...

With quantum mechanics, pixelation of the universe, and some supremely annoying probability, seems reality might be a computer simulation, and God might be an intensely needy supermind playing the latest release of “Semi-Conscious Hairless Primates.”

Sep 262012
On Leaving the Earth. Like, Forever. Bye-Bye.

When one of the U.S. Air Force’s top future strategy guys starts dorking out on how we’ve gotta at least begin considering what to do when a progressively decaying yet apocalyptically belligerent sun begins BBQing the earth, attention is payed.

Jul 112011
STS-135:  Last Flight of Humanity's Most Complex Machine

The final flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis (not pictured above). And yeah, that whole complexity thing is debatable – you decide:  STS or LHC?  Here the Sagan Series celebrates the last flight of the American Space Shuttle Atlantis – a technologically and culturally unprecedented human achievement.  While terribly expensive and producing very little concrete advancement, it captured human imagination – it looked like a spaceship – our spaceship. Continue for Sagan Series 6 video, STS-135 image gallery, and private space venture stuff…

Jun 082011
Space Shuttle Docked at ISS – Never Before Seen (UPDATE w/VIDEO!)

NASA has added some HD video of Endeavor docked at the ISS.  One longs for space travel.  I hope images like this will inspire young engineers and pilots and spaceship makers to continue humanity’s push off the planet. ___________________________________________ Despite its age and relative obsolescence, the shuttle does look a lot like the future here.  Thus far, this is definitely the photo of 2011. Article and slideshow are here. [VIA PC MAG]