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    Sep 272012
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    At Last!
    The much anticipated RoboHub.org website portal clearinghouse of any and all things robotic is now alive and open to the public!

    What’s a Robohub?” Well…
    “Robohub is produced by the ROBOTS Association, a Swiss Non-Profit based in Zurich, Switzerland and dedicated to providing free, high quality information for the robotics community and the general public.”

    Funded by the Swiss, but very international in scope and collaboration, the ambitious project is now in live beta. With a visit to the site you’ll see that beta is a relative term – it’s very well done and already a lovely framework for sharing robot-related news, commentary, and education.

    Let the Distribution Begin!
    So, congratulations to the team who’ve been working hard to get this project up and running. Academics, tech journalists, super-dorky purveyors of technosnark, and the public at large now have access to an unparalleled resource.

    Anthrobotic is honored to be associated with the project, wishes the managing team the best of luck, and along with a global community spanning the entire rainbow of robot nerdism, looks forward to great things!



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    Navy’s Firefighting Robot: Way More Than Meets the Eye
    DARPA’s James Cameron Mashup: Unsurprising, but Existentially Bananas
    Technological Utopianism is Way Better than Technological Apocalypticism. Robots, Robots.
    WarBot Update: WarBots in the News, WarBots Here, There, Everywhere.
    PETMAN: Boston Dynamics Stumbles (HA!) into the Android Pole Position


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