Jun 082013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via Akihabara News]

THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: Japan continues international outreach with nuclear-friendly French (outreach began with Turkey and the UAE), and sad news for hippies: a UN science committee has found no increased risk of cancer due to the Fukushima accident.

Jun 012013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday [via Akihabara News]

THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: NHK is showing off touchable TV and ultra-res TV cameras that are just bananas, Japan’s got super-duper malaria vaccine (giveth to Africa), and Japan’s hunting rare earth in Malawi (taketh from Africa).

May 042013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday - Now With Akihabara News Cross-Publication

THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: Anthrobotic teams up with Akihabara News to feed the JTFF, now an Akihabara News feature, back to Anthrobotic.com, and also a Japanese trailer for Pacific Rim, robots in the context of the global old, and Japan’s selling nuclear tech.

Apr 082013
Japanese Industrial Robotics: Here's How Robots Don't Kill an Economy

A plurality of the world’s industrial robots are located in Japan – robots replaced a human labor force and then the humans got different, better, safer jobs, and all the anti-robot naysaying economists from the 60s & 70s got season passes to the All-Crow Buffet in heaven.

Jan 112013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday (THE RETURN!)

Today’s Dispatch: JTTF Returns! We got Japanese dudes (allegedly) keeping hold of their dumbphones for nefariousness, and more economic stimulus for Japan which will totally work long as they don’t spend it in a Japanese way (the Sony metaphor returns).

Nov 202012
Google's 100,000 Stars & the Paradigmatic Disruption of Large-Scale Innovation Revisited

Google’s built a beautiful galactic simulation. Go look at it. Oh, and private companies doing stuff like this, but on grand scales – is this the future of big, bold science?

Sep 132012
iPhone 5 Hyper-Anticipation: It Didn't Mean What You Think it Meant (AGAIN)

Okay, now – bear with me on this – and check it out: The reason people care so much about the next iPhone is because the American Dream is broken. I shit you not. Details inside!