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Aug 012011
Proactive Evolution and Transhumanism According to the Economist

“…Lately we have begun to consider the possibility that technology might change us more in a generation or two than evolution has done over millions of years.” The always excellent Economist takes on the issue of transhumanism and the Singularity in a thoughtful and well-rounded piece. I’m hard-pressed to find anything to make fun of here, even coming up with some snarky or cheeky comment is proving kinda difficult. So, just have a read! [VIA THE ECONOMIST]

Jul 172011
Robots Get Safer, Robots Play Soccer!

The Sunday robot roundup! (it’s Sunday here – anthrobotic.com broadcasts from southern Japan) Okay, well actually I’m only rounding up two projects.  First is the serious:  Making Robots Safer – adding sensing technology and intuitive dexterity to working robots such as Nasa’s Robonaut 2 – which is nice.  And then the playful:  Virginia Tech’s Robot Soccer Team – entrants into the worldwide RoboCup soccer game [chose your own lame verb-pun: terminated, disassembled, reprogramed, hacked, etc.] the rest of the world’s teams in robo-soccer.  These robots and the women’s meatspace world cup team have revealed that, though we realize the enjoyment [read full post]

Jul 152011
Ray Kurzweil Will Melt Your Reality (VIDEO)

Here Kurzweil addresses a laundry list of psychological and sociological questions about the future of human technology and how that currently defines and will come to define our species.  Agree or not, it will definitely light a fire in your brains. anthrobotic.com is definitely +1′ing this one. While it’s possible that Kurzweil is severely overoptimistic and overreaching in his proclamations, in evaluating his position two things are certain:  one should not listen too carefully to the non-scientists or those who criticize from outside the field (like, for example, robot hater and closeted homosexual Senator Tom Coburn – that sub-reference never [read full post]

Jul 122011
Despite an Exponentially Growing Knowledge Base, Learning to be Human is Painfully Slow

We are getting better, much better… But it’s slow, and hard.  This NYT article focuses primarily on “top-down” AI projects – projects seeking to actually find a way to manually express the complexity of natural movement, behavior, and understanding in the physical world.  That seems terribly challenging.  For researchers seeking a more…  organic, or spontaneously emergent kind of AI or NBI (non-biological intelligence), see the work of Dr. Andrew Ng.  And please don’t be put off by his junior high-level site design – this really is a case of not judging the book… [VIA NEW YORK TIMES]