Nov 222011
The Brain During Orgasm: fMRI Knows Exactly How Women Feel

What are people thinking in the lead-up to an orgasm? Could be a fascinating, lucrative, or a potentially horrifying reveal on human nature. A PhD candidate at Rutgers climbed into an MRI machine an rubbed one out for science. Go science, go!

Oct 272011
Singularity Summit 2011 Roundup Salad Surprise

Whether you think The Singularity is near or far, agree or disagree, have weird religious fervor for or against it, or aren’t interested at all, you’d be foolish not to pay attention to who’s paying attention to the concept.

Oct 232011
The Intellectual vs. The Engineer: Ray Kurzweil Puts Paul Allen's Cake Out in the Rain

Paul Allen knows business & marketing, but when it comes to all things Singularity, he’s an armchair intellectual who hasn’t actually done anything of note in the field. Kurzweil was making computers compose original music in 1965. Oh snap?

Oct 172011
My Logic is Better than Paul Allen's:  ¡Singularity Improbable! - Part 2!

Perhaps unconsciously, Allen is asserting the primacy of human intelligence in our known universe – a cognitive barrier beyond which nothing can pass – because evolution made it… or something. Paul, an AI doesn’t have to be smart LIKE us, just as smart AS us. Namsayen?

Sep 052011
REMINDER:  Everything, Everything, Everything is Technology.  Here's Some of the Oldest Yet.

Those rocks up top there, yeah – 1.76 million years old, yo. We have found the oldest examples yet of pre-human Homo erectus tool use. That’s some vintage tech. Doing This: As my 6 loyal readers know well, the purpose of is to share the idea that literally absolutely totally completely everything around us is a representation of our technology. It is primal, it is innate, and it is a singular trait of our species. Our technology precedes all else defined as “human.” Love, organized religion, high school, gay pride parades, NASCAR, and coffee – none of it is possible without [read full post]

Aug 252011
Can a computer be as intelligent as a human? Or, Asking the Wrong Dumb Question. Get it?

Can a computer be intelligent like a human? We already accept the existence of other animal intelligences, as long as they’re not as intelligent as us. That is a heartbreaking notion of staggeringly arrogant species-level narcissism.

Aug 132011
Technology Dilates Time ∴ Remixed Anthrobotic Classic Compensates for Weeklong Hiatus!

As the writing staff here (which is, you know, me) have been stuck in a southern Japanese forest for the past four days, not much new has happened at  But we’re back in the stream now, and will put forth on Monday.  Until then, have a look at a slightly remixed/remastered version of the site’s most popular post ever: Technology Created Organized Religion. Next Project: Cults For & Against the Singularity. (Now with snarky topical headings to ease the pain of the article’s length!) Futurism, Techno-Sociology, Technological Anthropology, Sociotechnological Studies, Anthrobotic Sociology – or just, you know, generic human [read full post]