Nov 172011
Digital Privacy, Facial Recognition, and Streamlined Bar Hopping in the Windy City

Anyone who moans and complains about Facebook privacy has got to be partially brain damaged. But faces are not something we can share selectively – well, unless we go all hijab on ourselves or something…

Nov 152011
Google: Bettering Humanity for Fun and Profit?

Google’s broad-spectrum tech development efforts & investment probably excede that of any other private entity. That’s great, but what’s up here? Is cutting-edge technological innovation shifting away from governmental entities? Is that good or evil?

Oct 192011
TERMINAL ANACHRONISM: The Publishing Industry As-Is (existence threatened)

As with the music industry and various other institutional relics, or as the internet has done to newspapers & magazines and small-time meatspace columnists, the gate-keeping model of long-format publishing is about to be sidestepped, leapfrogged, or just kind of outmoded by emerging technologies.

 October 19, 2011  Posted by at 10:56 AM Internet, Technology, Technology & Work, Terminal Anachronism
Oct 052011
iPhone 5 Hyper-Anticipation:  I Don't Think it Means What You Think it Means

It’s just a thing – a product to be purchased. It is not a revolution nor renaissance. It’s an iteration – an artifact of late 2011. Ideas always trump artifacts, but at the moment, we’re fresh out.

Aug 162011
In Defense of Being an Always-On Human

3.5 Days in a in a Lack-of-Data Haze. Last week I had to go do some Japanese-style camping. Skipping the horrific details, suffice it to say, I was outside the stream – I lacked data. Had insufficient information. No place in the global network. Did not like it. Since snatching up an LG-V in 2005, and the soon to follow procession of Blackberries and iPhones, I really haven’t been disconnected. At all. And I like it that way. This really was my first removal since the gradually maturing era of ubiquitous mobile data began gradually maturing. It was a bit surprising [read full post]

Jul 282011
Put Your Consciousness Online - LifeNaut Says You Can Begin Building a Mindfile Like, Now.

I totally had this exact idea like three years ago. From the LifeNaut FAQ “The long-term goal is to test whether given a comprehensive database, saturated with the most relevant aspects of an individual’s personality, future intelligent software will be able to replicate an individual’s consciousness.” Imagine waking up as data, aware of self, but disembodied – coherent, but floating through the data of the internet 30 years hence.  LifeNaut wants to get you all prepared for this. Such efforts (and maybe Facebook, too?) are a kind of push toward immortality, leaving the flesh behind, transferring the pattern – which [read full post]