Jul 282011


I totally had this exact idea like three years ago.

From the LifeNaut FAQ
“The long-term goal is to test whether given a comprehensive database, saturated with the most relevant aspects of an individual’s personality, future intelligent software will be able to replicate an individual’s consciousness.”

Imagine waking up as data, aware of self, but disembodied – coherent, but floating through the data of the internet 30 years hence.  LifeNaut wants to get you all prepared for this.

Such efforts (and maybe Facebook, too?) are a kind of push toward immortality, leaving the flesh behind, transferring the pattern – which is really all we are as beings – a recursive pattern.  We’re not the same physical stuff we were just a few weeks ago – even neurons replace their component parts quite often.  So we’re, who knows – souls, ghosts, endless data loops?  Well, not endless.  Not yet.


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