Jan 262012

The Dumbest of the Species
The two most holistically primitive varieties of anti-technology people are:
#1. Hardcore Religious Zealots
#2. Hippies
Regarding technology’s fundamental role in human civilization’s, ummm… existence, these two groups are far and away the most confused and contradictory. If that sounds discriminatory and judgmental, well that’s because it’s meant to be. What other sets of humans have been more consistently incorrect and backward about nearly everything their philosophies project onto society?

While what hippies and religious zealots stand for is dumb as hell, and they’ve done exactly nothing positive for the world they live in, mentioning them does make for a fabulous segue into today’s Anthrobotic Book Recommendation!

Not a Wrathful Deity nor Good Vibes, Man – Human Technology!
X-Prize Foundation co-founder and chairman of Singularity University guy Peter Diamandis and science writer guy Steven Kotler have written what is basically a manifesto for exponentially advancing technology’s role in fixing pretty much everything we have to worry about. Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think (to be released February 21) lays out the state of things to come and paints a rather rosy picture of humanity’s future. Because technology.

This Optimism is Absolutely Fabulous.
Perhaps my technological utopianism leanings are just as foolish as the proclivities of vegan white people with dreadlocks or those with a super-spooky, vengeful, punishing father figure in the sky. But I kinda really seriously doubt it.

Since arriving at the industrialized/civilized age of our species, religion and technological conservatism (i.e., hippies) have remedied/solved/fixed the sum total of not-a-goddamn-thing. It’s more than obvious that human technology and the science behind it is what will heal the damage we’ve done to the earth and allow us to repent for the atrocities we’ve committed against our own species.

So have a read – there is good news out there.


by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

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