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Japan Robot Week is the occasionally quirkier, certainly more intimate, biennial alternate to iREX, its gigantic big brother. The focus is on Japanese firms’ service, assistive, and social robotics offerings; to the point: it’s a big-ass building filled with badass robots.

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Though considerably smaller than iREX (the International Robot Exhibition), this 3-day robotics expo delivers just as much robo-awesomeness and perhaps even more opportunities to connect. Here are the deets:

Japan Robot Week 2016
Organizer: The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
Dates: Wednesday, October 19 – Friday, October 21, 2016
Location: Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center [MAP]
Admission: ¥1,000 (~$10 USD) – Open to the Public
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(Description provided by organizers; edited here for content and clarity.)
In 2015, the Japanese government announced “Japan’s Robot Strategy,” designating the subsequent five years as a term for dedicated focus on robotics innovation. Leading up to 2020, the government pledged to invest approximately 100 billion JPY (~$990,000,000 USD) in robotics-related projects, aiming to expand the service robot market to 1.4 trillion JPY (~$13.8 billion USD) – about 20 times today’s market value.

Japan Robot Week, held in biennial alternation with the International Robot Exhibition (iREX), focuses primarily on service robotics, including various related technologies and components.

In a broad effort to stimulate business negotiations, industry cooperation, and technology exchange, this year’s event features The 7th Robot Award ceremony and exhibition, joint exhibitions from universities and laboratories, and other fascinating programs related to service robots.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at Japan Robot Week 2016.”

What exactly does a Japanese robotics expo look and feel like?

Nothing short of amazing and inspiring – robodorky dreams are made of these. To get a feel for the venue and vendors (minus most of the industrial robotics), check out DIGITALHUB.JP’s iREX by iPHONE music video below, followed by a gallery from the same event.

Then start planning your trip.

Watch This Video:

Look at this Gallery:


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