Mar 132012
BBC’s Bionic Bodies Series Continues (UPDATED)

The BBC is assembling a very respectable compendium on the past, current, and possible future states of bionics, or cybernetics, or human augmentation, or just, you know, the modular nature of future human bodies.

Mar 072012
Bionic & Biological:  The Ferocious Conundrum of Being 50/50

We are going to be redefining notions of life and intelligence and awareness and consciousness and pretty much every facet of human existence. Barring global cataclysm, of course.

Feb 292012
Transhumanism Test Pilots: Fly-by-Tongue

The primitive yet practically necessary prosthetics and human augmentation implements of today could easily evolve into the voluntary upgrades of tomorrow. Here’s a very good example of human body as input device.

Feb 032012
Where the Human Ends & the Machine Begins: Getting Unclearer…

What we conceptualize as our discrete Physical Self isn’t nearly as cut and dried as we might think, and the non-corporeal Mental Self seems to have some blurry boundaries as well. We’re Cyborgs, man. Philosophical Cyborgs.

Jan 102012
The Disabled Wage War Against the Wheelchair and Begin Test-Piloting Transhumanism

Disabled pioneers are living examples of how technology is blurring the lines between what is considered practical, necessary augmentation and what, someday soon, might be just a nice alternative to flesh – a voluntary upgrade.

Oct 142011
Touching His Girlfriend and Fighting Paralysis with a Robot Powered by Mind Bullets

Through the Sci-Fi Nomenclature Committee approved processes of a brain interface known as “ECoG,” the science guys have shown that, even after 7 years without any actual movement, the brain is still sending signals for the body to do so. And these signals can move a robot.

Aug 202011
Multimedia Amputation Bionic Prosthetic Salad Surprise!

Well, we’ve got three uplifting success stories of flesh-to-metal human augmentation/cyborg making here. These are all pretty sexy – to a point where it almost feels like you’re watching special effects. Only a matter of time until this becomes a voluntary amputation/augmentation sorta industry.  My knees and ankles are counting the days… VIDEO: The Knee that Knows What You’re Going to Do [VIA ABC] VIDEO: Oscar Pistorius is Taking His Blades to the Olypics Proper [VIA YOUTUBE] RADIO INTERVIEW: Biophysicist’s Legs Frozen Off, Builds Himself Better Ones [VIA NPR]