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  • Feb 292012
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    Something New
    Hmmm… I think Transhumanism Test Pilots should be become a regular thing around here – a new section to go with Terminal Anachronism and Japanese Technology from the Future Friday.

    I like to keep an eye on transformative technologies for disabled humans – also known, to me anyway, as the Transhumanism Test Pilots! They’re transtastic.
    (I can spit out bad taglines all day)

    Because The Thing is This:
    Much of the technology being developed to assist or augment the lives of the disabled kinda overlaps or pushes subtly into human 2.0/transhumanist/rebuild the animal territory. Otherwise stated, the somewhat primitive yet practically necessary prosthetics and human augmentation implements of today could easily evolve into the voluntary upgrades of tomorrow.

    And here’s a very good example of the human body used as input device:

    Least or Most Dorky Retainer Ever - Depends.

    The Tongue Drive System
    While unimaginatively named, this new human-machine interface is everything long of awesome. Basically the relative orientation of a magnet on the tongue, which one assumes is not a piercing, originates a signal from the fancy retainer actuating a connected device/vehicle/zombie personal assistant to execute a preprogrammed action.

    It’s totally cool.
    Have a read of the original article.



    DARPA’s James Cameron Mashup: Unsurprising, but Existentially Bananas
    Yes, Yes My Lower Jaw is 3D Laser-Printed Titanium. No, I’m Not From the Future.
    Where the Human Ends & the Machine Begins: Getting Unclearer…
    The Disabled Wage War Against the Wheelchair and Begin Test-Piloting Transhumanism
    Darth Cheney, Stephen Hawking, Myself, and the Rest of Our Cyborg Society