Aug 202011

Thinking Knee - Mostly-Legless Olympian - Scientist Build Thyself

Well, we’ve got three uplifting success stories of flesh-to-metal human augmentation/cyborg making here. These are all pretty sexy – to a point where it almost feels like you’re watching special effects.

Only a matter of time until this becomes a voluntary amputation/augmentation sorta industry.  My knees and ankles are counting the days…

VIDEO: The Knee that Knows What You’re Going to Do [VIA ABC]
VIDEO: Oscar Pistorius is Taking His Blades to the Olypics Proper [VIA YOUTUBE]
RADIO INTERVIEW: Biophysicist’s Legs Frozen Off, Builds Himself Better Ones [VIA NPR]

Ray Kurzweil Will Melt Your Reality (VIDEO)
Walking for Graduation? “Yeah, in my Custom Exoskeleton, Yo.”
Evangelical Technological Utopian Salvation Surprise? A New Religion? The Rapture of the Geeks?
Future Coming Soon – Maybe Sooner than Michio Kaku Believes…
Cybernetic Prosthetic! File under “We’re Already Cyborgs Already.”