May 202011
I Will Cut off My Hand and Get a Robot One.

Okay, okay – what I really mean is that my original hand doesn’t work any longer.  So, I’m going to have that cut off and receive a cybernetic prosthesis that allows me to pour a glass of juice, tie my shoes, etc. Awesome. [VIA BBC]

May 092011
Medical Robotics Update:  Barbaric Wheelchair's Days Numbered

As something of a futurist, I often consider the concept of contemporary technology seeming barbaric only a few decades/years later.  Leeches, bloodletting, wound cauterization, invasive neuro-cybernetic prosthetics requiring surgery (yes, VNS, your end is also near).  A time-tested and verifiably inadequate piece of mobility enhancement technology is the wheelchair.  It may have assisted millions over the years, but it needs to go.  And so it shall! Quadriplegic Walks Again with Exoskeletal Pants [VIA KURZWEIL AI] Berkeley Creating Robotic Limbs to end the Need for Wheelchairs [VIA GATHER]