Jan 262012
Technology Will Eradicate Barbarians & Drum Circles and Fix Everything

Technological utopianism might be just as foolish as vegan white people with dreadlocks or those with a super-spooky, vengeful, punishing father figure in the sky. But I kinda really seriously doubt it. (BOOK RECOMMENDATION)

Sep 052011
REMINDER:  Everything, Everything, Everything is Technology.  Here's Some of the Oldest Yet.

Those rocks up top there, yeah – 1.76 million years old, yo. We have found the oldest examples yet of pre-human Homo erectus tool use. That’s some vintage tech. Doing This: As my 6 loyal readers know well, the purpose of www.anthrobotic.com is to share the idea that literally absolutely totally completely everything around us is a representation of our technology. It is primal, it is innate, and it is a singular trait of our species. Our technology precedes all else defined as “human.” Love, organized religion, high school, gay pride parades, NASCAR, and coffee – none of it is possible without [read full post]

Aug 302011
Hey Japan, Where are Your Robots, Yo?

Back in March, ANTHROBOTIC mentioned that a version of American company iRobot’s battle-tested Packbot was the first robot to explore and assess the situation at the failing Fukushima nuclear power plant. To Japan’s implicit embarrassment, there were no Japanese robots available or able to immediately hit the ground running (as covered after the jump, one of the trained Japanese operators wrote an anonymous blog about the whole thing – which has been a gold mine for developers). So, while Japan continues cranking out the world’s fastest supercomputers and badass semiconductors and tons of industrial automation robots and some of the [read full post]

Aug 252011
Can a computer be as intelligent as a human? Or, Asking the Wrong Dumb Question. Get it?

Can a computer be intelligent like a human? We already accept the existence of other animal intelligences, as long as they’re not as intelligent as us. That is a heartbreaking notion of staggeringly arrogant species-level narcissism.

Jun 222011
Japanese Supercomputer Leapfrogs to Number One - 8 Petaflop/s

Japan represents with RIKEN’s K-Computer, now the world’s fastest computational device. And on a personal note, let this stand as another reminder to those around the world who have trouble understanding geography and filtering sensationalist pseudo-journalism.  While incredibly devastating and sad, the 2011 Tohoku Earthquate and Tsunami has not devastated the country.  Japan is still madd tekk. [VIA KURZWEIL AI]