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    Oct 092012
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    Too Bad it’s a Piece of Itself
    Most likely, probably, and assuredly. Millions of dollars spent developing a 200lb multipurpose super-tech robotic arm. Forgot to add a screwdriver.
    Damn. Damn, damn.

    Have a look at NASA’s full-res image of what the Nuclear-Powered Science Robot Dune Buggy with Lasers is currently checking out – which is basically itself.
    That’s like, you know, so meta.

    More Curiouser
    Love interplanetary space robots in general? Check out the drooling asskissery of Anthrobotic’s series Parts 1 and 2, and all related Curiosity & NASA coverage.

    Stay tuned for Parts 3 & 4 (after more science gets done up there)



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