May 182011
Religion Democratized by Technology, or Victim of the “Homo’s Devil Machine?”

Due to Alan Turing being gay, the computer is the Devil’s Homo Machine?  Well, technology DOES allow for individuals to interpret scripture on their own, and come to their own conclusions.  And that’s powerful. Article here, click on the idiot below to learn about Alan Turing! [VIA CNN BELIEF BLOG]

Feb 152011
Turing Tuesday:  The Significance of Watson and Mind vs. Machine

The Significance of Watson, by Ray Kurzweil “By the time the controversy dies down and it becomes unambiguous that nonbiological intelligence is equal to biological human intelligence, the AIs will already be thousands of times smarter than us.” [VIA KURZWEIL AI] Mind vs. Machine, by Brian Christian “THE MARCH OF TECHNOLOGY ISN’T JUST CHANGING HOW WE LIVE, IT’S RAISING NEW QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN.” [VIA THE ATLANTIC] Editor’s note – it’s currently Tuesday in Japan!

 February 15, 2011  Posted by at 6:25 PM Alan Turing, Artificial Intelligence