Mar 302013

Well that Escalated!
Anthrobotic’s wildly unworthy admiral recently contributed piece #1 to legendary Japan-tech site Akihabara News: Japan’s Robot Renaissance (Fukushima’s Silver Lining). It’s a bit of a departure from the author’s standard technosmartassery, but appropriately so given the subject matter – and you can’t like, you know, just start yelling about how much of a lovable ass you are the first time you walk into someone’s house (you have to slowly boil that frog, namsayen?).

Cross-Publication in English-Language INSIGHT MAGAZINE
Through Akihabara News’ association with the excellent online news source Japan Today, the above referenced Robot Renaissance piece was selected for publication in JT’s monthly INSIGHT MAGAZINE, a very slick digital publication for the iPad.

Which is pretty cool. So if you’ve got an iPad, head on over to Japan Today and click on the INSIGHT banner, or visit the App Store, and get yourself subscribed, yo. If you don’t have an iPad, get off the internet right now and go buy one. And then turn it on and get back on the internet.

Good Start, Good News
Of course the technosnark will continue to flow here at home, steadily infecting all those who come in contact. The big picture at Anthrobotic is technological middlemanning: spanning the divide between everyday people with an interest in technology and the supertechdorks, engineers, and academics who create that which is newsworthy. And so, much gratitude and appreciation are due to the editorial staff at Japan Today and to colleagues at Akihabara News for putting their weight behind that effort – thanks, guys.

Now, everyone else, go read the damn article!

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