Jul 202012

Welcome to Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!
It’s already Friday already here in Japan – we’re 16 hours ahead of the western U.S., which means it’s totally the future. And because it’s already Friday already, one is left with little time to provide something original or worthwhile before the weekend hits.

So one aggregates!
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Why Japan and J-Tech?
First, Anthrobotic has geographical superiority. In the future.
Second, Japan has lots and lots of super hott (and odd) technology stuff going on.
Third, delicious opportunities to cathartically make fun of the Japanese invariably crop up.

Your Source for One-Upping other Technology Dorks
As JTFF is a conduit of specifically Japanese tech news, from the future, readers are assuredly almost a day ahead of half the world’s technologically interested/obsessed. Check in Friday mornings in North America, and BOOM! You win, man.

:: Japanese Technology from the Future Friday – July 20, 2012 ::

Tiny J-Satellites en Route to International Space Station
Adding to ISS’s incoming traffic, a robotic (?) craft will take off this evening (Friday night here) and deliver 5 small satellites – one developed here in Fukuoka, Anthrobotic’s meatspace presence. Some are for normal space sciency stuff, but one of them, only 10cm², is going send messages to Japan by LED morse code. I guess radio and email is passe. It’s dorky as hell, but fun and awesome, too!

Russia Stops 300 Smuggled Radioactive Automobiles en Route to… Russia.
The smuggling piece is light on details of who’s doing the smuggling, why, and how. But there is a certain irony here. It’s easy to forget how close the two nations are. In fact, they actually share islands. And by “share” I mean they both say they own them and bitch about it all the time. And I think a lot of my fellow Americans are unaware of the Russian (Soviet) contribution to ending the WWII in east Asia as they came in from the north. Anyway… also regarding radioactive this and that, oddly, Japan is buying radiation detectors from English firm Kromek, which sounds Russian. That seem weird to anyone else? Japan don’t got that stuff?

Live from the future – that is all!

Costs the same. Amazon gets your business. Anthrobotic gets a digital high-five. Win³.

Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!