Jul 152011

Here Kurzweil addresses a laundry list of psychological and sociological questions about the future of human technology and how that currently defines and will come to define our species.  Agree or not, it will definitely light a fire in your brains.
anthrobotic.com is definitely +1’ing this one.

While it’s possible that Kurzweil is severely overoptimistic and overreaching in his proclamations, in evaluating his position two things are certain:  one should not listen too carefully to the non-scientists or those who criticize from outside the field (like, for example, robot hater and closeted homosexual Senator Tom Coburnthat sub-reference never gets old for me), and, remember that most of the serious critics who say Kurzweil doesn’t know what he’s talking about are armchair quarterbacking the issue, whereas Ray’s been up in it for decades – and a healthy majority of the time, he’s right.  So, you know, recognize.

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