Jun 152011

Guess what!?!  Funding from the National Science Foundation sponsored research undertaken by these two guys at Stanford who made some kind of search engine or something…

And guess what else!?!  In the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it was American robots that were first able to inspect the damaged Fukushima reactors…

This is His Smart Face

Tom Coburn, a senator from the technological hotbed of Oklahoma, wants to chop at the National Science Foundation’s already minuscule budget based on, among other things, the PR2 robotics project he (admittedly) knows nothing about – he just perchanced across it, maybe saw something on YouTube.  But hey, in his defense, robots do catch the eye!

Also, Tom Coburn opposes gay marriage and probably doesn’t like homos very much.  Coincidentally(?), he’d also like to defund social science projects, probably because that kind of science can describe how Homophobic Men are Most Aroused by Gay Male Porn.

So someone please invent a HomoBot to go and fetch him, fold him, use him as a pool cue, and then put him in the fridge – all things that wasteful PR2 robot is learning to do.  And wherever you live, please don’t vote for people like this.


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