Feb 222013
Know Your Robot Space Torsos: Justin, Robonaut, SAR-400, & AILA

Gangly, multi-jointed arms aren’t going to cut it – we need humanoid robots in space. Robonaut2 is currently the only one up there (props, NASA), but there are others in the works, and they’re getting good – let’s check in.

Aug 112012
Remember NASA's other Robot? Dear Robonaut 2, What is it that YOU do?

After STS-133’s February 2011 delivery, the handsome and sleek and high-tech NASA/General Motors collaboration has kept a pretty low profile. What’s he doing up there? Also, R2’s got competition and an impending Space Torso Love Triangle!

Feb 282011
Robonaut 2 Now in Space - This Guy Says Hype - One Disagrees...

Strongly. Mr. Saenz makes a decent point that Robonaut is far from the first complex robot we’ve sent to space.  However, referring to this accomplishment as merely “hype,” that it’s only special because of it’s shape kind of…  well, misses the point.  Because it, you know, is the point… [VIA SINGULARITY HUB]