Jun 292011
Technology Created Organized Religion. Next Project: Cults For & Against the Singularity

So…  What’s a Singularity, Yo? Futurism, Techno-Sociology, Technological Anthropology, Sociotechnological Studies, Anthrobotic Sociology – or just, you know, generic human science or whatever, has borrowed from cosmology & astrophysics the concept of a “singularity,” and capitalized it.  Very basically, it’s where the rules break down – gravity, time, and space go bananas.  Regarding human technology, it centers around us producing an intelligence that supersedes our own, which in turn does its own thing, and as a result all we can predict about the future is that it will become utterly unpredictable – all truisms will fail, we’ll be flying blind. The idea [read full post]

Jun 242011
The City is Where We're At...  Or Will Soon be Moving to.

A good read on technology and population and cities.  50% of humanity lives in urbanized areas – whether in the city proper or part of vast metropolitan expanses of seething humanity fading into the horizon (an 15-story or higher view from anywhere in Tokyo can provide this).  Our technology has allowed for what our population has demanded – and the result has been the exponential growth of both. And come on, really, who doesn’t love the city… [VIA SINGULARITY HUB]

Jun 222011
WarBots Continued - Libyan Rebels Going all High-Tech DIY and Making Their own WarBots

Not to be totally outdone by the billion-dollar craft watching/striking from above, rebel engineers and R/C hobbyists are strapping machine guns to their toys.  Is this what a post-modern Road Warrior would be like? [VIA SINGULARITY HUB]

Jun 222011
WarBots - Robots & A.I. for War & Profit

Is modern warfare becoming a really, really good video game? First some fiction: Archetype:  Trailer for an upcoming short film by Aaron Sims – explores the peril of transferring human consciousness to a machine – specifically a warbot – wherein the machine isn’t supposed to remember it’s former mortal self – but then does – and presumably havoc ensues. And Some Hyper-Real Warfare Video Games – AKA (in a way) U.S. Drone Aircraft: This piece is part commentary/review of a Japanese robot war video game, and part parable on the current state of robotics in warfare – which is far [read full post]

Jun 172011
IBM's 100 Years of Transformative Technology

In the history of our species, few complex organizations have had a more profound effect than International Business Machines. Literally thousands of inventions and innovations that transformed and shaped the last 100 years of human society – from the cold efficiency of tabulation for genocide to countless hard- and software computing advances to the natural language-capable phenomenon that is Watson.  Happy 100th, IBM, and not that is was the company’s fault per se, but in the future let’s steer clear of fascism, yeah? [VIA GIZMODO]

Jun 162011
PR2 and German Friend Make Breakfast:  Insult Added to Tom Coburn's Injury

The PR2 robot is shopping and making breakfast with a German robot.  And yes, for now they are doing it rather slowly, but the learning going on here is absolutely invaluable. I have to keep picking on Tom Coburn (R-OK), who called the PR2 project wasteful and unnecessary.  He and his staff should take note:  robots are important, they might represent a significant portion of the next large-scale American contribution to the global economy.  So, DO NOT defund National Science Foundation robotics projects, or any NSA projects – in fact, double the NSA budget!  Oh, and please come out of the [read full post]