Dec 072012
Retiring USS Enterprise and the X-47B Shall Never Find Romance

The U.S. Navy has retired the world’s first nuclear-power aircraft carrier after 51 years, and the first unmanned carrier-launched military drone is getting ready to enlist. Awesome technologies – glad we can do that. Sooo… where’s my goddamn spaceship?

Aug 082012
There's a New Machine on Mars. Again. It's Different this Time, Right?

About this Mars mission: What’s up here? Why is it so much more exciting this time? Maybe just the global convergence of social media around an aggressively virile meme? What do you think? Ideas? Suggestions? Derision?

Jul 202012
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

This Week’s Dispatch: Little J-satellites go to the ISS – one to do morsecode, and Russians stop (?) the smuggling of radioactive Japanese cars whilst Japan buys radiation detectors from England. Hmm.