May 242013

The Art of Normal & Large-Sized Robots, Crazy Robots; So on and So Forth
There are several theories and reasons and hypotheses – some interesting and debatable, some braindead and insulting – but whatever the underlying why of it might be, whatever the origins of the proclivity, whatever prompts this particular socio-techno-cultural aesthetic, the fact that Japan produces miles and miles of the world’s best modern robot art, and has for like, well over half a century, is indisputable, yo.
(insert kilometers there if you’re one of those people).

Shame-Neutral Marketing & Presentation of Tasty J-Robot Art
So yeah, no doubt Japanese robo-art comprises a massive block of… whatever you’d call it – the robot artosphere. Fortunately, or tortuously if you’re uptight and humorless, there is one keyboard pounding WordPress debaser willing to attempt conceptual correlation of giant Japanese robot fiction vis-a-vís Pacific Rim (oh hell yeah, shrewd memetic SEO barnacle marketing), and after that, a broad, rough presentation of a few Japanese robot art styles – to enjoy, for fun, to inspire! And also, hott naked robots sometimes.

The technofetishistic robot lover attempting such a feat is Anthrobotic’s team leader for
Technosnark©®™ R&D, locked in deep dorky romance with Akihabara News.

Have some:

Pacific Rim and the Legacy of Giant Japanese Robots
“So, there’s a giant robot/monster movie coming out next month (Pacific Rim). That’s cool, but it’s riding 60 years of giant Japanese robot precedent, and whilst avoiding overly dorky exposition, here’s a brief perspective – recognize, son! Also had to make fun of Robot Jox – goddamn irresistible.”

 Japanese Robot Art: Nice to Look At, and Don’t Forget the Inspiration!
“Art and robots and the inspiration of -FI that produces so much SCI-. Pop J-Robotics at Akihabara News goes all robo-art for the sake of robo-art, with a slice of “Oh, that thing from someone’s imagination is madd cool I should build one!” It happens – that’s where the cell phone came from (Martin Cooper, much respect due).”

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