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What you’ve got here is quite simply the greatest source of robotics information on planet internet. Happy 3rd anniversary, Robohub!

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[In the early fall of 2012, Anthrobotic’s Chief of Technosnark©®™ became a founding contributor at the incomparable Robohub.org, a Swiss-based, globally active, non-profit robotics collective. Three years on, it continues to be an honor and privilege to be associated with some of the world’s foremost robotics journalists and thought leaders. Now go read them and follow them and get your robo-education on, yo.]

 From Robohub President and co-founder Sabine Hauert, herself a badass nanorobotics researcher:

 “Robohub turns three today, and what a year it’s been! Just last month we got our 7000th twitter follower, saw a viral post garner over 18K page views, and launched two new video series (here and here). All this momentum is no doubt thanks to the many, many incredible volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to contributing content and making Robohub happen. Earlier this year our co-founder Sabine Hauert was invited to contribute a commentary in Nature about why good science communication is so important to robotics and AI. We’ve elaborated on that article below.

Naturally, you should continue reading!

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