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So Yeah, What’s Up this Year?
Let this here post serve as a sort of State of the Union – brief, though.
Before jumping in, sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who have
supported the site, encouraged its team of one, appreciated and understood
the point of view, and cared to mention that the author “needs a dictionary.”

Anthrobotic’s CEO, Admiral, and head dork in charge (about that guy) launched the site in February of 2011. So two years is creeping up rapidly, and in that time the site has gone from kinda sorta hobby/outlet for pent-up technosnark to – beginning in June of 2012 – the nucleus of a proper $100 Startup-style adventure.

So, What Again is an Anthrobotic?
As always, Anthrobotic works to bridge between A. technologically curious to moderately dorky citizens, and B. academics, specialized journalists, engineers, scientists, and creators. It’s technological acculturation, middlemanning, translating; responsible and informed coverage of sophisticated technologies and their social impact minus the stifling templates of rote journalism or impenetrable, sometimes disingenuous academic banter.
Stomping on the tulips with ethical smartassery is a lot more fun.

In 2013 – All Kindsa Coverage Posts along with Anthrobotic’s Regular Features:
originalsterminal anachronismtranshumanism test pilotsj-tech from the future friday

Plus Upcoming Originals:
Repatriating manufacturing via robots & 3D printing
DARPA Robotics Challenge & the U.S. Navy’s firemanbot
Revisitation of technology’s huge impact on entertainment
Ongoing coverage of the MSL Curiosity Mars adventure


New Site Features & Expansion:
An actually functioning mailing list to bring the technosnark direct to your inbox (you can sign up now). And some other stuff just to make it better around here. You’ll see.


Launch of Anthrobotic Services – Japan-Based Research & Multimedia
This one’s big. Any individual, any organization wanting hands-on research, interviews (with translation), and/or HD imagery for the endless of array of awesome tech happenings here in Japan: your service has arrived. Lots and lots more to come on that.


And One More Thing: Contributorships!
Anthrobotic is now affiliated with or contributing content to Robohub.org, Transhumanity.net, and the Lifeboat Foundation Blog.
Have a look at what those guys are up to as well.


Oh, Okay – One More One More Thing: Sponsorship!
See the Technosnark T-Shirts & Amazon links below.

Thanks for coming, reading, and supporting – stay tuned!

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