Dec 252012

Sometimes You Just Know
Christmas Day here in Japan. Low-level slow/no news. Except one funny thing…

And, occasionally it can be difficult to articulate exactly why something is funny.
Any attempt at explanation falls flat. Best to just state the nature of the situation:

Boeing bought 20,000lbs (9000kg) of potatoes.
Then filled planes with human-surrogate potato people.

Then they flew around testing and tuning the aircraft wi-fi.
Because bags of potatoes are a human analogue for radio waves.


And Happy Day!
Merry Christmas and/or Happy Whatever! Or, just enjoy your consumerism & family time. You don’t need Jesus to enjoy Christmas – capitalism is the greatest economic technology known to humans, and just celebrating that is totally okay.

To anti-Christmas hippies & purist religious fanatics: Shhh.”



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