Nov 032011

“Our dreams are therefore not a ‘sleep cinema’ in which we merely observe an event passively, but involve activity in the regions of the brain that are relevant to the dream content.”
-Michael Czisch, Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry

Show Me Yours/Show You Mine

I was talking many weeks back about the possibility of watching the dreams of others – a sort of “dream movie” created through fMRI analysis of bloodflow patterns in the brain – a technology that, even in its infancy, is extremely impressive. Well, Max Planck and Charité Hospital researchers have come up with something kinda related, except they’re calling it “dream measurement,” and they’re using lucid dreamers to communicate/confirm/perform from the beyond the subconscious. Using pre-planned movement patterns for the lucid dreamers to execute while, you know, they’re lucid, the brain’s actuation of the human body during dreaming, shown to be congruent to conscious brain activity, can be measured.

Which Means…

Otherwise stated, we can see what you’re doing in your dream based on brain activity. Further development will probably lead to a really, really good lie detector test. With sophisticated enough models, I suppose we could wake up, rewind, and review that moment of unconscious inspiration we can only vaguely recall by mid-morning.

And put it up on YouTube.


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