Jun 202011

“Should we regulate the creation of autonomous robots? If yes, then why not also regulate the creation of autonomous humans?”

While I struggle to understand Dr. Lin’s title, “What if Your Robot is the Devil,” he brings up some excellent questions of moral and ethical philosophy – albeit expressed somewhat as parable.  In other words, who are we to regulate the production of intelligence machines – we don’t even regulate our own production!

And the issue is even deeper than is mentioned here – there’s also the issue of artificial consciousness and free-will and how those things are defined.  If any given entity can argue for it’s own consciousness and/or existence, how can we morally prove or disprove the claim, or regulate said entity’s desire for reproduction?

Then it gets deeper and deeper, including questions somewhere around “Where is the Line between Using a Home Appliance and Keeping a Slave?”

Osaka University's CB2 Child Robot


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