May 272011

As expressed by “Adam Curtis’s new series about how computers have NOT liberated us but distorted and simplified our view of the world around us.

Well, it’s a very subjective point of view.  Is this an expression of the omnipresent notion of Technological Conservatism?  Does this position represent a both learned and prescient observation of technology in human society, or is Adam Curtis nothing more than a sophisticated luddite?  You decide!
ANTHROBOTIC VOTES:  Sophisticated Yet Superficial Technological Luddite
TRAILER:  All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace


Renaissance Roboticist: Dennis Hong and his RoMeLa
YEAR: 2028 to 2150, Machines Achieve Human-Level Intelligence?
THE BEGINNING IS NEAR: HUMAN+ Self-Augmentation Realities and Concepts
Evangelical Technological Utopian Salvation Surprise? A New Religion? The Rapture of the Geeks?
Transcendent Man Interview: Ray Kurzweil and Barry Ptolemy, by Charlie Rose