Feb 292012
Transhumanism Test Pilots: Fly-by-Tongue

The primitive yet practically necessary prosthetics and human augmentation implements of today could easily evolve into the voluntary upgrades of tomorrow. Here’s a very good example of human body as input device.

Jan 102012
The Disabled Wage War Against the Wheelchair and Begin Test-Piloting Transhumanism

Disabled pioneers are living examples of how technology is blurring the lines between what is considered practical, necessary augmentation and what, someday soon, might be just a nice alternative to flesh – a voluntary upgrade.

May 202011
I Will Cut off My Hand and Get a Robot One.

Okay, okay – what I really mean is that my original hand doesn’t work any longer.  So, I’m going to have that cut off and receive a cybernetic prosthesis that allows me to pour a glass of juice, tie my shoes, etc. Awesome. [VIA BBC]