Mar 062013

2013 Fukuoka, Japan Custom Car Show

Cars are Technology, Too
This is a set of keepers from Anthrobotic’s February 17th excursion to a custom car show here in Fukuoka, Japan. Lots of nice automotive technology on display, but nothing really futurey or exciting. Legacy tech, is what we call it in the industry.
Actually, I just made that up.

The cars were surprisingly tame by Japanese automotive customization standards. Not so much with the crazy, outlandish designs – much more with the technical and racing side of things. And minivans. Tons of awesome minivans.

Dry Run
This excursion is part of a tech-related series of multimedia collection adventures.
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  1. DigitalGalaxy says:

    What I’m more concerned with is AFVs. Any hydrogen cars? Pure electrics? This is looking a lot like the Industrial Revolution, with all the gas engines we still have; and it’s a century too late for that. We need to be off of gas, and on to hydrogen, EVs, and CNG if anything.

    New carbon nanotube technology looks promising for holding hydrogen at non-dangerous compression levels. And it seems like there are new battery advances all the time…bring on the fuels of the future!

    ..And self-driving cars. Or at a least a HUD projected onto the windshield. :)

  2. anthrobotic says:

    Thanks for the comment!

    Agreed on all points – cars aren’t a big part of my thing, this was mostly just an exercise. The agedness of these rides was a bit disappointing. It seems “Custom Car Show” is a very different animal from “Future Car Show,” or just, you know, “Car Show.”