Jul 042011

I’ll first send you over to humor site Cracked.com, and “6 Shocking Ways Robots are Already Becoming Human.”  This piece deals mostly with our current efforts toward teaching machines about human emotions (very much the cutting edge of intelligence).  Cracked.com digs hard at human society with wit and profanity – ANTHROBOTIC recommends!

Next up, from MIT Tech Review we have a super-interesting concept:  Love and Robotics/AI.  I will not, however, repeat the title of this piece because a (probably extremely bright) researcher is trying to give this field an embarrassing fanboy otaku name.  Props to him for the seriously interesting and relevant work, and in the interest of his work being taken seriously, let’s hope he changes up that name ASAP.

Those with an interest should also see also the excellent work “Love & Sex with Robots,” by David Levy.


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