Dec 062011
Leaping Across Mori’s Uncanny Valley: Androids Probably Won’t Creep Us Out

We WANT to see human traits in other entities. Androids aren’t going to reach that point where they’re just human enough to be creepy, yet not quite human enough to accept – they’re going to leap past it.

Nov 252011
Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens: Profound Philosophical Quandary! Ish...

Contact lens with high-res capability could theoretically replace almost every screen we look at on a day-to-day basis. And totally molest our notions of reality, existence, and whether blue is really blue. What is “blue,” anyway?

Nov 242011
Moving a Robot/With a Kinect/Over the Internets/Is a Revolution

Yasakawa Japan has retrofitted one of their robots with an off the shelf MS Kinect. And just like that, telepresence takes a huge leap forward.

Nov 222011
The Brain During Orgasm: fMRI Knows Exactly How Women Feel

What are people thinking in the lead-up to an orgasm? Could be a fascinating, lucrative, or a potentially horrifying reveal on human nature. A PhD candidate at Rutgers climbed into an MRI machine an rubbed one out for science. Go science, go!

Oct 282011
Prosthetic with Nokia Smartphone Dock: An Anachronism Trapped in an Anachronism!

Lots of cash is needed for the Luke Arm or the Stark Hand other super-tech prosthetics, so there’s obviously great value in augmenting and/or retrofitting the prosthetics people already have – and this one’s a technological timeline dissonance matryoshka!

Oct 052011
iPhone 5 Hyper-Anticipation:  I Don't Think it Means What You Think it Means

It’s just a thing – a product to be purchased. It is not a revolution nor renaissance. It’s an iteration – an artifact of late 2011. Ideas always trump artifacts, but at the moment, we’re fresh out.