Nov 242011
Moving a Robot/With a Kinect/Over the Internets/Is a Revolution

Yasakawa Japan has retrofitted one of their robots with an off the shelf MS Kinect. And just like that, telepresence takes a huge leap forward.

Oct 272011
Singularity Summit 2011 Roundup Salad Surprise

Whether you think The Singularity is near or far, agree or disagree, have weird religious fervor for or against it, or aren’t interested at all, you’d be foolish not to pay attention to who’s paying attention to the concept.

Oct 212011
Humanity 2.0 Part Two:  Juan Says We're Designing the Next Species of Humans.

Juan Enriquez says the ability to re-engineer living things and engineer entirely new ones is far and away the biggest thing since a bunch of other big things (even bigger than the industrial revolution). So… Cool, yeah?

Sep 272011
Humanity 2.0 - It's Natural to be Unnatural.

In the context of our perception of linear time, the march toward radically upgrading the human experience is not a “switch-on” process, it’s not sudden, it’s not merely a download away. It’s an ongoing-for-quite-a-while-now, subtle, and steadily accelerating merger.

Sep 212011
Darth Cheney, Stephen Hawking, Myself, and the Rest of Our Cyborg Society

Let’s say you are in some serious trouble. You need some heavy altruistic help of a very selfless nature. Who would you want to decide your fate? The “purer” Bronze Age human from 5000 years ago? Or the hyper-augmented cyborg from 2061?