Oct 142012
TERMINAL ANACHRONISM: The Swan Song of the Public Pay Phone

Public phones are disappearing in the U.S., and here in Japan where they remain ubiquitous but are effectively scenery, no one even cares enough to vandalize them. They’re a TERMINAL ANACHRONISM!

Feb 242012
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

Today’s Dispatch: Space Elevators, Ridiculously Fast Wireless Data, Two More Blood Types for the Japanese to Ponder, and an Animation of the Tohoku Disaster’s Pacific Debris Path.

Jan 262012
Technology Will Eradicate Barbarians & Drum Circles and Fix Everything

Technological utopianism might be just as foolish as vegan white people with dreadlocks or those with a super-spooky, vengeful, punishing father figure in the sky. But I kinda really seriously doubt it. (BOOK RECOMMENDATION)