Sep 112011
Addiction [?] To All Things Digital - Connected, The Movie; Skeptical, The Author

I get this feeling that she’s having kind of a Bill Joy knee-jerk reaction to the technology she’s not quite able to keep up with any longer – that sort of, middle-aged-onward conservatism that sets in… But what the hell do I know – it’s just a trailer at the moment.

Aug 252011
Shoes Can Charge My Phone!

“Reverse Electrowetting,” a phrase that conjures images of a robot peeing the bed backwards (Osaka University’s CB2, perhaps), is actually the process of generating electricity via, in this case, walking on electric shoe juice.  Which is pretty hott. Not only could this power my phone, GPS, and A/C underwear, in theory such systems could be applied to a wide variety of energy-consuming devices including prosthetics, larger wearable robotics, and full-on exoskeletal human augmentation systems. AND, in developing countries where electrical infrastructure might be lacking, these shoes might be a nice peripheral for the OLPC! I’m certainly hip to powering my [read full post]

Aug 162011
In Defense of Being an Always-On Human

3.5 Days in a in a Lack-of-Data Haze. Last week I had to go do some Japanese-style camping. Skipping the horrific details, suffice it to say, I was outside the stream – I lacked data. Had insufficient information. No place in the global network. Did not like it. Since snatching up an LG-V in 2005, and the soon to follow procession of Blackberries and iPhones, I really haven’t been disconnected. At all. And I like it that way. This really was my first removal since the gradually maturing era of ubiquitous mobile data began gradually maturing. It was a bit surprising [read full post]

Aug 052011
Robots to Chinese Manufacturing as China was to American Manufacturing?

Manufacturing being localized by 3D printing technology has been mentioned here before – the allusion being that the trend taken to a large enough scale could seriously impact China’s hold on the cheap-stuff-making market.  BUT, it appears that FOXCONN plans to just go ahead and push that forward on their own with… ROBOTS! Are low-wage Chinese iPhone makers about to become no-wage Chinese iPhone makers? [VIA XINHUA]

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Jun 232011
Terminal Anachronism:  Printed Newspapers & Magazines (existence unjustifiable)

Today I’m launching a a recurring snippet feature here at anthrobotic, The Terminal Anachronism.  Presentation shall be: Terminal Anachronism:  Identified Product/Process/Issue (applied verdict) For all Terminal Anachronism posts, click here. __________________________________________________________________ “Frankly, I don’t read magazines or newspapers, and if every last one of you were all erased from the planet tomorrow I would not notice and I would not care.” –Fake Steve Jobs A thought for Thursday, June 23, 2011:  I was trying to remember the last time I used a newspaper or magazine for anything other than wrapping paper – it’s definitely been close to two years…  Halt the [read full post]

Jun 132011
Life, Liberty, Porn, and LOLCATS - UN Declares Internet access a Human Right

100% agreed on this one.  What is essentially the sum total of all human information should be open and accessible to every single one of us and them – if that were the case, perhaps there would be a lot less “us and them” kinda attitudes.  And everyone would have porn and LOLCATS. [VIA SINGULARITY HUB]

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